I first saw Get Fit Foods Plaza & since I was in 2017 I was diagnosed with borderline diabetes. As most people would, I went to the doctor to get a medication prescribed. I was skeptical because medication alone didn’t fix the problem for my dad. 

Luckily, my doctor gave me a continuous glucose monitor which allowed my doctor & I to see the effects that the eating Get Fit Foods has had on my body.

“I needed to come off of the medication within a week of eating completely clean.”

Thanks to working closely with my doctor & saving time & energy eating with Get Fit Foods, I no longer had the spikes in blood sugar that having diabetes usually brings.

“I’m thankful that I’ve discovered Get Fit Foods, because not only do I have confidence that I’m eating healthy portions, but I’ve changed my family legacy forever.”

I encourage everyone to get a checkup with your doctor and make the necessary adjustments to your lifestyle & diet as needed. Today, there are so many options like Get Fit Foods to overcome the diagnosis that you receive.

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